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Construction Types
Construction technology is defined as the usage of human, tools, materials, and efficient management in construction.

Type of Construction Project
In general, there are three types of construction

  • Building
  • Heavy/highway
  • Industrial.

Each type of construction requires a unique team to plan, design, construct, and maintain the project.

Building Construction
Building construction for several apartment blocks. The blue material is insulation cladding, which will be covered later.
Building construction is the process of adding structure to real property. The vast majority of building construction projects are small renovations, such as addition of a room, or renovation of a bathroom. Often, the owner of the property acts as laborer, paymaster, and design team for the entire project. However, all building construction projects include some elements in common - design, financial, and legal considerations. Many projects of varying sizes reach undesirable end results, such as structural collapse, cost overruns, and/or litigatios reason, those with experience in the field make detailed plans and maintain careful oversight during the project to ensure a positive outcome.

Residential Construction
More and more families are looking into building their own homes, or contracting to have them built. Construction practices, technologies, and resources conform to state and local building codes.In most Australian states, a home owners warranty must be obtained prior to residential construction of dwellings less than three stories high.

Heavy/Highway Construction

Heavy/Highway construction is the process of adding infrastructure to our built environment. Owners of these projects are usually government agencies, either at the national or local level. As in building construction, heavy/highway construction has design, financial, and legal considerations, however these projects are not usually undertaken for-profit, but to service the public interest. However, heavy/highway construction projects are also undertaken by large private corporations, including, among others, the golf courses, harbors, power companies, railroads, and mines, who undertake the construction of access roads, dams, railroads, general site grading, and massive earthwork projects. As in building construction, the owner will assemble a team to create an overall plan to ensure that the goals of the project are met.

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